Easy to make ghost for halloween – Spooky halloween prop

To build this ghost all you need are styrofoam wig heads, cheese cloth, glue, a brush and, an eye hook.


First take cheese cloth and make 4 layers of cheese cloth.  You may need 2 packages of cheese cloth per ghost.  Drape cheese cloth over the styrofoam head.  Brush on some glue to expose the mannequins facial features. Leave the neck and under the chin unglued.

I used some watered down Elmer’s glue and it seams to be holding well, but you may want to go with a heaver duty glue if you will be using them outside.  Let it dry over night.  Put an eye hook in the top of the mannequin’s head and hang with some fishing line. I made three ghosts total and made them black light sensitive for an even better effect. For more information on make your ghosts black light sensitive check out my easy to follow instructions here.


How to make your halloween ghost glow under a blacklight or make it glow brighter

It seams like black lights and halloween decorations should just go hand in hand. The black light is the perfect option to make a seemingly “realistic” ghost effect.  Making cloth ghosts black light reactive is very simple to do and it only takes a short amount of time.  What I have found that works best for cheese cloth ghosts is using RIT Whitener brightener which can be found at most craft stores.

RIT Whitener & Brightener  has phosphates that react with the black light also making your laundy whites appear brighter in normal light.  To use it all you have to do is mix about a tablespoon of RIT with about 4 cups of water into a spray bottle. The amount doesn’t have to be very accurate I’m just expressing you don’t have to use very much of the RIT dye.  I would recommend spray this outside as it will most likely get every where.  Just spray and leave it on, no washing required. I touched up an old crank ghost I’ve had  for a few years. You can see on the right I just sprayed the RIT dye and on the left I hadn’t spayed.  What a difference.

How to fix passbook on iphone iOS 6 if it’s not connecting to itunes app store

Below is a fix for those who upgraded to iOS 6 and haven’t been able to get the passbook app to connect to the itunes app store.  Luckly there is a easy but strange fix.

First go to Settings > Date & Time

Turn off “Set Automatically”

Go to “Set Date & Time”

Change the month to January

Open the passbook app and click the app store button. The apps should load now.

Then go back to Date & Time and turn back on the “Set Automatically” button.

Go back to passbook and everything should still be working. Now if only it was a more useful app right now but I’m sure it will get there. Baby steps to the future.