Center legs for my garage workbench, or not?

I've started building a workbench for my garage, and could use your two cents. The workbench is 7ft long, 30in deep, and 37" tall. It's built out of the cheap stuff at Home Depot - 2x4's with 4x4 legs.Progress PicThe plan from here was to complete 5 total cross braces on the top and bottom shelves, put one vertical brace between the shelves in front and two in back, put a 3/4" plywood on top, and a thin piece of steel sheet metal on top of that.Now I'm wondering if I should split the center braces into two spaced 3.5" apart, and add two more 4x4 legs in the center, instead of 2x4's between the shelves - WWYD?Thanks you! via /r/DIY


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