Cracking caulk on bath fitter tub.

I replaced the caulk on a bath fitter tub (came w/ the house). I noticed soon after it was cracking and it looked like there was sink holes in the caulk.I was thinking that whenever I have done caulking in the past the wall tile goes down to the tub surface. On this the tub butts up to the wall, so there is a gap where the caulk can sink instead of sitting on a flat surface.I’m not sure if I should just fill this void with caulking? I pulled out all the old caulking and it was like soup, gelatinous and hadn’t solidified. I’m wondering if maybe I didn’t fully dry it out or if this void is too large. Looking for some expert opinion before I move forward and replace the caulking wrong again and have to redo it.Thanks!PHOTOS OF TUB via /r/DIY


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