Drywall bulge after screwing into anchor

I’m installing a floating shelf I made using the iSemble heavy duty blind shelf supports from Rockler. I have two issues:1) while screwing into one of the anchors, suddenly the drywall about 1” around the anchor started bulging out toward me. I stopped an unscrewed it. Why would this start happening as I’m screwing into the anchor. Note: I’m using the screws provided but am using a toggled 1-1/4” drywall anchor.2) when attempting to go into the drywall anchors using the screws that come with this toggle set, instead of the longer screws that come w the iSemble, I could not get the shelf supports to sit flat. They were both leaning downwards. I was thinking that maybe this is because I was not using the screws that were provided. So I tried the screws that were provided, and encountered problem #1 (above).Tried some googling around but I couldn’t find anyone saying why this would happen with an anchor, only why it happens with drywall screws, like the ones used to hold the drywall sheets down.Hope I am not breaking rules asking this. I’ll definitely post my end product when I’m proudly done with it and it’s FLAT lol.THANK YOU via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/2Lb1adR


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