Drywall Touch Up Suggestions?

We had our unfinished basement finished out last year. Unfortunately I live in one of those areas where there aren't many contractors, and the ones that are here are happy to charge an arm and a leg for shit work. We basically ended up begging/bribing the person who we thought would do the best job.I think they did a good job in general but they subbed out the drywall and (i'm a big of a perfectionist, but...) i think it looks like crap.This is all over and done with, and i'm not going to go back to the contractor. But ... There are parts that just make me sick every time I look at them and think about how much we spent. Coincidentally we have some new drywall work to do in the garage that I'll be doing myself, so i'm looking at buying a dustless drywall sander.https://ift.tt/3rYImPx is an album of some of what i'm trying to correct. Is a dustless drywall sander going to be the best way to fix these issues, even though they're already primed/painted? Any idea what this texture is called so I can google how to do it myself?If i'm patient and buy the right tools is this the kind of stuff I want to fix, or should have a professional come in and fix? I know another guy who would do a good job, but will likely be expensive (not sure what that means for a 2k square foot basement).The ceiling concerns me the most. I'm not sure if it's just effort (which I can apply), or skill (which I haven't developed yet) to get a ceiling like that flat. via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3bgBEyf


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