Shower Triggers Doorbell

Aware of how weird this sounds, and sadly Google not helping me out... Turning on the shower in our hall bathroom triggers our doorbell on on the ground floor below. We don’t use that bathroom every day, but it’s caused this behavior the last 5 or so times we’ve used it. Previously no issues for the last few years we’ve lived here. The bathroom is directly on top of the entryway portion of the house, where the doorbell chime is located. There’s a soffit by the front door which contains the toilet stack, and where I assume that the water lines for the bathroom run too. It’s pretty cold here in NJ at the moment, could this be something to do with differences in temperature setting the chime off? Really don’t know where to start trying to troubleshoot this (electrician? Plumber? Witch doctor??) so would love any advice y’all might have. via /r/DIY


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