Temporary solution for old electrical in the way of pine siding

I'm currently putting up pine siding in my house and there is a row of 4 plugs and two light switches on one wall that are all superfluous and unnecessary. The things they're connected to are not used or have already been terminated in the ceiling but not covered over. Two of the switches control power to a plug on the wall and one is for an outside light.I'm not comfortable pulling the wiring myself since the house was built in the 30's or 40's and the electrical is a joyful combination of nearly 100 years of DIY.What I wanted to do was throw the breaker on the entire wall, check it with a circuit tester, remove the old receptacles, cap the wires off, and let them hang loose through a drill 3.5-inch hole in the pine. I'd keep the cap to fill the hole when the wires have been removed. This would leave the connections visible but not terminated in the wall and covered up.My reasoning is this will give me time to continue working in the kitchen, putting up siding, and leaving the wires accessible for a time after COVID when I can have an electrician pull all of the old wiring.How stupid is this, and is there a better alternative? via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/3buHlsJ


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