Which bridge rectifier do I need?

I picked up a treadmill off craigslist today, working great when I got it but not when I got home (PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR model). It even let off some smoke and fumes when I plugged it in. After tearing it down I found a component of the Motor Control Board on the ground.https://ift.tt/3oA7BW8 is a FT428 / DF04S bridge rectifier and it is cracked. It appears the mounting point to the MCB has some burn-like marks around it. My plan is to get a new rectifier and solder it on. I do not see any other apparent issues on the MCB.My issue is that I cannot find rectifiers that exactly match the FT428 / DF04S designation. I can find DF04S rectifiers though, do they all have the same form factor and Voltage/Amperage input/output as mine?Also, I'd like to get this fixed today and not wait around for shipping. Unfortunately I cannot find any seemingly comparable components at the local Fry's, but I'm not sure if I'm looking for the right keywords.Should I get new fuses and capacitors while I'm at it, despite them visually appearing ok? via /r/DIY https://ift.tt/2MONntQ


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